March 6, 2006

Not Just a Matching Service

This past week, we received a great letter from one of our customers:  SimpliPhones. SimpliPhones was selected as one of the presenters at our November Speedpitching Luncheon — and they have had wonderful exposure and success since then. Because I liked the letter so much, I thought that I would share his comments:

“I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that has done for SimpliPhones.  The Speedpitching event in November of 2005 was an excellent springboard for our most recent round of financing.  The exposure from the Speedpitching event was a major factor in our meetings with funding groups across the Wasatch Front and our subsequent funding of SimpliPhones.  The Speedpitching event provided two key advantages in our funding efforts.  First, it allowed us to broadcast our offering to many groups in a single day.  This was much more efficient thatn contacting each group individually or submitting to each of their websites.  Second, it gave people a preview of our company and our offering and in many cases provided a high level of interest before our first meeting.  This preview made the initial meetings with funding groups more productive and detail oriented.

“In addition to the excellent exposure that we obtained at the Speedpitching event, you went above and beyond the call of duty by gaining impressive media attention.  As a result of your media efforts SimpliPhones was featured by KSL Television, KSL Radio, the Wall Street Journal, and Connect Magazine.  This impressive list of media sources resulted entirely from your efforts.  This exposure has been an exciting event for our new and upcoming company.  We very much appreciate the time and efforts that has committed to helping small and growing businesses, like SimpliPhones, spring to the next level.”


Rix Ryskamp


SimpliPhones Inc.