March 16, 2006

Locked down! has gone into a lock-down today as we make the final push to release our new video-pitching service. The new video-pitching subscription will allow entrepreneurs to upload videos of their pitches for investors to view—giving entrepreneurs the ability to convey not just the numbers and analysis of a traditional business plan, but also their passion and personality.

The rush to release this valuable service to entrepreneurs has yielded signs of warning on all our doors: “ is locked down!” The occasional sighting of our management team reveals focused brows and a determined hustle. Sounds of intense Lord of the Rings soundtracks float out of our programmers’ areas, only partially masking the constant clicks of keyboards and mice.

Why the lock down? We believe that video-pitching is going to be key in successfully matching more investors and entrepreneurs. It may sound cliché, but we’re going to say it anyway—the future of online investment matching is video-pitching. The better idea angels have not only of the business proposal, but of the entrepreneur themselves, the more likely they are to invest.

So tomorrow we come out of lock down and resume regular operations. Keep your eyes peeled for this invaluable service to be available soon thereafter.