March 21, 2006

Major Office Drama

A few days ago FundingUniverse experienced some major office drama. A woman who works in our same building and with whom we share a kitchen had her HotPockets stolen from the freezer. And no one knows who did it! This woman is hypoglycemic and if she doesn’t eat she can die. This office caper was escalated when the victim went around from office to office trying to fish out the guilty party. It would be in the best interest of FundingUniverse to conduct a sting operation to nab the thief and restore peace to our office.

I currently have a list of suspects, but have yet to find any evidence. Had I been thinking I would have stayed late after work on the day of the altercation and rummaged through the trash for evidence. A Costco 12 pack of HotPockets has been offered for any information that leads to the capture of the thief. Please contact me with any information.

Life Without Google Adwords

I am in charge of monitoring and optimizing’s Adwords and Adsense accounts, and this is a real-life, factual tale of what my life (or more so the company’s) was like without Google’s marketing tool, Adwords.

I remember the day clearly. It was cold and dreary. The snowy bursts of wind tossed my car from lane to lane as I drove to work, and I knew something must not be right. After shaking the snow off at the door, I made my way to the desk and opened up my laptop.

My first task every day is to check traffic statistics and monitor our Adword’s account. As I made my way through the mind-numbing pile of numbers I came to the Adwords reporting page, and it was blank! I refreshed the page in disbelief, but to no avail. Our Adword’s account was paused. I found out there was financial routing problem, and it would be 3-5 days before it was up and running again. I thought about it, and settled my self down. “Besides,” I assured myself “how much traffic can come from a measly $20 a day.”

The next week would teach me a lesson I wouldn’t soon forget. Each morning, as I came in and checked the statistics, I watched in horror as our traffic numbers plummeted. We averaged 7-8 investor and 30-40 entrepreneur sign-ups before the “Adwords-freeze.” After the “freeze,” 1-2 and 15-20 respectively. Everyday, I wrote letters to Google apologizing, begging them to reactivate our account. After a week, they finally listened. We were back in business! Within two days of reactivating our account, we had made a full recovery, and I resolved, with Adwords, to never leave work without it.

The moral of this story is a lesson to all small businesses trying to market themselves. For efficient marketers, the internet is the place to be. A recent headline from the IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) reads “Users spent $2B on Web content in 2005.” In the main article it says that includes only 12% of the population right now. The numbers are climbing rapidly, and the potential is staggering. The best bang for your buck is easily found on search engine giants like Google and Yahoo. So if your company hasn’t already, jump online, setup an Adwords account, and start optimizing your marketing budget.