March 27, 2006

Hindsight’s 20/20

I just found a great blog called What Would You …? on that consists of nothing more than a bunch of seasoned, successful entrepreneurs writing about what they would have done differently if they could do it all over again.

Here are a few highlights:

Greg Warnock, Managing Director of VSpring –   I would have been more abundant with my ideas and business strategies. I have since learned the value of being more open with personal networks in order to vet and diligence ideas.

Shawn Nelson, Founder of LoveSac — I wouldn’t have skimped on money, under-paying, only to get some people who are learning on the job—ultimately, that is more expensive than a pro’s high salary.

Bill Aho, CEO of ClearPlay — I wouldn’t have worked so hard. I know that sounds crazy, but after two years of working around-the-clock almost without noticing I lost sight of some of the things that were most important in my life—relationships, service, health, balance.