April 20, 2006

Navigating the FundingUniverse.com

Weekly Tip: 04.17-21.06

At FundingUniverse.com we like to think of ourselves as a matchmaker, of sorts. We love to “engage” entrepreneurs and investors in a “courtship” that ends in a blissful partnership. As with dating, first impressions in the business world are paramount. At FundingUniverse.com, you’ll find the tools and resources you’ll need to make a smashing impression.

Here are a few tips:

TIP #1:

In order for an investor to become interested in your business idea, it is critical for you to provide as much information as possible to the investor. Put yourself in their shoes. If someone asked you to take $200,000 from your account and deposit it into theirs, how much information would you need before you felt comfortable doing it?

Every entrepreneur should fill out the entrepreneur profile AND upload an executive summary, a business plan, a PowerPoint, or a VideoPitch. If you haven’t done these things, click here to do it now.

TIP #2:

Sell yourself and your management team. Show your passion, integrity, and ability to execute. What have you already accomplished? Do you have an extensive professional network? Have you previously built a successful entrepreneurial venture? If you have accomplished any or all, make sure to communicate this in your business profile. An investor needs to see that you can accomplish what you say you will.

TIP #3:

VideoPitch provides an excellent way to show who you are. The VideoPitch provides investors with a glimpse of your personality and provides you the ability to sell yourself and show your product. Don’t forget tip #1 and include other important information too!

(The VideoPitch is currently in beta version and will be released nationwide shortly).

TIP #4:

All the efforts of an entrepreneur will be fruitless if the ideas are not presented well. FundingUniverse.com provides FREE examples of well-written business plans. You can use these examples as guides while constructing your business plan. In addition, the FundingUniversity provides more information on what angel investors want, pitching tips, business plan helps and frequently asked questions, branding tips, FundingUniversity textbooks, company histories, and other online resources.

If you want to receive contact and follow-up from angel investors, FundingUniverse.com recommends you do all you can to show your passion and integrity while providing investors with all the well-presented information they desire. Good luck!

Navigating the FundingUniverse.com

Weekly Tip 04.17-21.06

Our goal at FundingUniverse.com is to match entrepreneurs and investors. Because we have new entrepreneur’s signing up on the website daily, it is important for you, as an investor, to be familiar with the resources FundingUniverse.com provides to help you locate business plans of interest. Some of the tools available to you include: Search Tool

This tool allows you to quickly search for your investment preferences. By expanding the list preferences box, you can search by business categories, investment amount, or by a date range. For your convenience, these preferences can easily be saved for all future visits to FundingUniverse.com. You can also delete individual plans from your view by clicking on delete at the far right of each plan.

Messaging Center

Our message center is an easy and convenient way to contact an entrepreneur. Through this resource you have the ability to anonymously ask entrepreneurs any question you may have about their business idea. The security of our angel investors and our entrepreneurs is our number one priority; the only information an entrepreneur will have access to is the information you give them personally.


FundingUniverse.com now offers a way to hear and see an entrepreneur’s pitch. This innovative pitching tool allows you to gain a sense of the entrepreneur’s personality and presence even before a face-to-face meeting occurs. Business plans that include a VideoPitch will always be at the top of your business plan list.

Investor Discussion Board

An important part of the services offered to investors includes the investor discussion board. This tool allows you to make private comments to other investors on the site. Questions for other angel groups, queries about a business plan or general investment questions can all be discussed from this board.

Watch List

When you come across a plan you are interested in but don’t want to contact the entrepreneur immediately, just add it to your personal watch list. That plan will be held there so that you can keep an eye on it.

Want to form a group?

The DealFlow Suite enables angel groups to draw from plans posted on the FundingUniverse.com family of sites, discuss them online, and rate them as a group. In addition, angel groups may use the software to evaluate plans that have been submitted to them privately through FundingUniverse.com.

April 11, 2006

No MBA? No Problem.

Josh Kauffman has put together a killer list of books that cumulatively teach entrepreneurs what they need to know to be on par with their MBA’d counterparts.

You’ll need two things when you finish reading this post:

1) Your credit card

2) Amazon.com