May 1, 2006

The Part-timer, the Podcast, and the Dreaded Learning Curve

About a month ago, started producing our Podcasts in-house and I was assigned the project of interviewing, recording, editing, and publicizing the newest episodes. At the time, it sounded like an exciting adventure. Several precious part-time hours later, I had almost lost my patience. Luckily, our executive team never does (at least, not that they let us see. You might want to double check with their wives.)

Despite missed deadlines due to technical difficulties, I never received anything but encouragement. Therein lies an important lesson for every entrepreneur and investor–innovation requires patience. Every employee, no matter the amount of experience they have, is working on a learning curve with new environments and new assignments. Demand accelerated improvement, but allow them (and yourself!) time to find their feet before you expect strict precision. Your encouragement and patience will foster a work environment conducive with success.

The podcast featuring entrepreneur turned investor Rick Gibson ended up being a mass of excellent content, thanks to Rick. His experience building businesses is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to do the same. Be sure to check it out, asap.

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