May 3, 2006

Communicating with Angels and Entrepreneurs

Good communication is a central component to success in any industry.  While technologies such as cell phones and emails have greatly enhanced business communication, additional means of communication may be necessary.  You understand that without extensive communication a deal cannot be made; however, you may also want to maintain your anonymity during the initial phases of due diligence.

According to Ron Thompson, of the Toronto Angels, several benefits result from increased angel collaboration. Benefits include:

  • Increased deal flow
  • Expanded opportunities to invest in quality ventures
  • Greater access to expertise
  • In a better position to negotiate with VC’s
  • More efficiently manage investment risk as the venture evolves
  • Increase angel value to the founders of the company
  • Improve investment returns
  • Trigger liquidity events has provided several tools to enhance communication between entrepreneurs and investors while safely keeping your personal information secure. Your membership at grants you access to the following communication tools.

Communication Center

The communication center allows investors to communicate safely and efficiently with entrepreneurs throughout the due diligence process. Investors can anonymously ask questions about entrepreneurs’ business plans. This tool allows you to gather the preliminary information that you need to move forward on the right deal.

Investor Discussion Board

You need to communicate extensively with entrepreneurs throughout the due diligence process. However, as an investor it is easy to forget the benefits of speaking with other investors. To facilitate communication between investors has also provided the Investor Discussion Board.

This tool provides investors with the means to ask questions of other investors about specific business plans. You have the option to make comments or pose questions about a business plan to other investors. If you choose, all of these comments can be made anonymously.

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