June 8, 2006

Google Alert

We just got de-indexed by google, and I’d like to vent my frustrations and thoughts on this blog. This de-indexing is the second in as many months and brings up two important questions.

First, when will Google fall? History doesn’t leave any big dog standing very long, every empire has fallen at some point. So when will Google’s reign end? They just settled the click-fraud case which hurt their reputation big time. They’re fighting several battles in court and trying to keep a secret.  It’s a like/dislike relationship:  we like them when we’re indexed, and can’t stand it when we’re not!
Second, and more important, is how do we survive without Google? When they de-indexed us, a lot of our traffic dove to the floor. Same thing when our Adwords account shut down temporarily. In some marketing areas, we use Google like a man with a broken leg uses his crutch; it’s hard to move without it. I imagine that some other company will step in and take their place, but who, and will they be as effective?

Third, and most important, Trent: Miami in seven. Go HEAT!!!

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