July 25, 2006

Plans across the Nation

When FundingUniverse.com started, our research showed investors generally funded companies close to where the investor was located. In an effort to increase your deal flow, we created state by state sites to view plans from your specific area. After talking to more investors, we realized that many investors wanted to see business plans from other regions. Some angel groups were even interested in viewing business plans in areas on the other side of the nation. In response to this need, the FundingUniverse.com team created “national view.”

What is National View?

Released in June 2006, FundingUniverse.com’s national view service allows you to search for business plans in your own state and in states throughout the country. You are no longer limited to deals in your region. You and your angel group can search the entire country for deals which are of interest to you. Some of the benefits of national view are:

  • Access to greater deal flow
  • Quality deal flow
  • Ability to discuss business plans with other investors across the country
  • Access to regional biz plans
  • View top business plans in the nation

How do I use National View?

1. To use this service you will need to register as an investor in your respective state. If you have already registered and been approved, simply log in and you can view business plans from around the country.

2. After you have logged in, you will be directed to the main page. Just above the list of business plans you will notice the search bar. In the middle of this bar, there is a drop-down box where you can select a specific state from where you would like to view business plans.

3. Note: To the right of this option is a button that says “Last 100 Nationally.” This option let you view the most recent business plans that have been posted to our site.

Try out the new National View to gain access to greater deal flow from across the country. Visit FundingUniverse.com to login or register now. If you have additional questions about National View call us at 877.638.3616.

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