October 19, 2006

The Capital Food Chain: Raising $ from Angel Investors

It’s finally here! I know that you’ve been waiting for this podcast about raising money from Angels.

OK, sorry this one has taken so long to post…but it is finally here! :)
This podcast is a MUST LISTEN. It includes great content (with details) on angel investors. Oh yeah…of course, it is hosted by Bill Payne and myself.

Also, stay tuned… John May (Chairman of the Angel Capital Association) will be joining us next week.

Til then…enjoy!

October 5, 2006

Entrepreneurs: Update your plan!

New Business Plan Rating System

As part of the new Angel-Ready™ program that we will be launching at Funding Universe, we will be giving a BUSINESS PLAN RATING to every entrepreneur. The rating will help you gauge the completeness of your business plan and will increase investor exposure for the most complete plans. We will begin rating plans on October 11th, and it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you update your plan before that date.

Investors Will See the Highest Rated Plans First

The higher your plan’s rating, the higher you will appear on the list in our Investor Gallery™. This means more exposure, more views to your plan, and more contacts from investors. Every plan will be given a rating between 0 and 4 stars based on the completeness of information in the following four categories:

  • Management Team
  • Market Opportunity
  • Sustainable Competitive Advantage
  • Traction

Please Update Your Plan

We will begin rating the business plans on October 11th and will post the ratings for investors to see on October 26th. PLEASE update your business plan before October 11th. We recommend that you post a clear and succinct executive summary with information showing your strengths in the above mentioned categories. Additionally, you can upload any other documents that you find pertinent. CLICK ON THIS LINK to login and update your business plan now. We look forward to rating your business plan.

The Capital Food Chain: Debt vs. Equity

Another podcast from Brock Blake, CEO of FundingUniverse.com, and his Co-host, Bill Payne. Bill Payne is an expert when it comes to angel investing. He is a member of the Tech Coast Angels, the Vegas Valley Angels, Aztec Angel Networks, and the Frontier Angel Fund. He also serves as the entrepreneur-in-residence at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation.

In this series, Bill and Brock will discuss the difference between debt capital & equity capital.