December 28, 2006

Weekly Chat with an Angel Recording: Bill Payne

On December 21, we had our weekly chat with an angel with Bill Payne. Normally, this conference call chat is only available to AngelReady Members; however, this week, we started to open it up for anyone to participate.

Bill did a fantastic job discussing “5 Mistakes Entrepreneurs make when Pitching to Angels.” It was a fun discussion with some very good questions that were asked.

This recording and the archive of previous week’s discussions is available in your entrepreneurial console.

Enjoy this free recording! Click here to Download the Audio File.

December 27, 2006

Ryan Booher is a Ninja

We just filled one of the sales ninja positions that I blogged about last week. Ryan Booher, one of the founding members of the Weber Entrepreneurs Association, has joined our team and we couldn't be more excited about having him on board. Ryan received a full-ride scholarship to Weber State University for performing due dilligence on Grow Utah Ventures dealflow, so he knows what angel investors are looking for.

There is still one sales ninja position available. Click here to learn more about it, or send me an email at jeff at

December 19, 2006

Jeff Barson, VCs and Snowmen

You need to watch the video that Jeff Barson posted about the life of a VC. When you're done, you need to add Jeff's blog to your RSS feed. His posts are always money in the bank.