January 8, 2007

10,000 Company Histories are back!

With the overhaul/launch of the new FundingUniverse website, there were a few things that slipped under the rug. One of the things that some people have asked about is our “FundingUniversity” page (don’t worry…it’ll be coming back with a vengeance).

The other was our 10,000 Company Histories. The amount of valuable content that is included in our company histories is enormous. For example, are you interested in learning the early beginnings at Google? Did you realize that Motorola was founded in the 1930′s during the great depression?

Of course, this is a shameless plug for the company histories… but, honestly, it is more than that. The reason that we have collected this content is because we believe that it is a valuable resource for our entrepreneurs. Personally, I love to learn. I love reading about the struggles and successes of many well-known companies. I hope that you enjoy the resource as much as I do!

Finally, if you find an interesting story in one of the company histories, please make it known by commenting in this entry. Enjoy!