January 18, 2007

Chatting with Marc Nathan, Houston Expert Angel Investor

Today all of our AngelReady members chatted with angel investor Marc Nathan. Marc, an influential and active investor in Houston, offered incredibly valuable advice and insight into an entrepreneur’s relationship with angel investors.

During a portion of the chat, Marc spoke of avoiding investors who could cause problems for your business down the road. He pointed out warning signs to watch for in investors who have certain characteristics or unreasonable expectations. Not all investors are ideal to get capital from, according to Marc.

If you are already an AngelReady member, and missed the chat, we have recorded this and all previous weekly chats. As a member, you have access to both the audio and visual portions of the presentation by logging in to your entrepreneur console.

To all users on the FundingUniverse site: Take advantage of these weekly chats. Every week, I learn more about an industry, I feel, I am already familiar with. In addition, having the ability to ask questions to an angel is a priceless opportunity. Every angel will do their best to openly and honestly answer as many questions as they can.

We want to provide you with all the tools necessary to improve your plan and get you in front of investors. What topics would you be interested in having our Angels “chat” about? Let us know. We truly value your feedback.

If you are not an AngelReady member, feel free to contact us at 877.638.3616 to get more information.