January 31, 2007

Finally made it to the Fight Club Dinner

After many invites, I finally made it to the Fight Club Dinner. In it’s simplest form, the fight club dinner is essentially an entrepreneurial networking dinner here in Utah founded by Jeff Barson. It was good to see some other entrepreneurs that I haven’t seen for a while including:

There wasn’t any arm-wrestling or fight stories… just some great discussion about some of the up and coming start-ups. Money had a great suggestion for us at FundingUniverse: he suggested that we start to sponsor/organize more entrepreneurial events — and I think that he makes a great point. It doesn’t have to be anything big or formal, just an opportunity to have like-minded entrepreneurs get together.

A while back, we used to get together for a weekly entrepreneurial breakfast and I think that I’ll get that started again. Anyone interested? I’ll be talking to my partners and we’ll come up with a schedule. Again, nothing formal… just opportunity to get together.

Stay tuned…