February 1, 2007

Junto Partners announces classes for 2007

Junto is accepting applicants for the 2007 class.  Check out the new website and new video intro.  If you are a first-time entrepreneur, I would recommend applying.
I recently started a blog entry entitled “The Skinny on the Junto Partners Program” that I will be publishing sooner than later.  It’s been a wild ride for 20 months and I’ve learned a lot.  My Junto Partners rock.

Announcing TechStars — Startups in Boulder

I got an email yesterday from David Cohen, the successful entrepreneur and founder of TechStars (He found me through Jeff Barson’s blog).  TechStars — the brain-child of David, Brad Feld (Managing Director of Mobius VC), Jared Polis and David Brown — is an entrepreneur friendly summer of learning held in Boulder, CO.  Their website reads:
TechStars brings aspiring technology founders to Boulder, Colorado for an intensive three month period, provides seed funding, education, and connections, and will result in the formation of ten new companies during the summer of 2007.”

I would love to be able to support TechStars however we can and it appears that David is also interested in the possible partnership.  The concept reminds me a lot of our Junto Partners program founded by local VC Greg Warnock, except the entrepreneurs will spend the entire summer in Boulder working on their startup idea.