February 2, 2007

Hot Utah-based Website: ConvinceMe.net

TechCrunch says --

"ConvinceMe.net is a new competitive arguing site [that allows] debaters carry out public debates, head-to-head arguments, and a "King of the Hill" free for all about any subject they like ... ConvinceMe lets members talk about anything and ranks them based on how many “convince” points they get from user voting for their argument."

Big shout out to Pleasant Grove's Brett Stubbs, the chief architect of ConvinceMe, for creating a super-sticky website that is seriously starting to eat into my productivity. (I've spent much more time thinking about and participating in the Superman v. Batman debate than I'd like to admit.)

It's no small thing to get an exclusive launch article from TechCrunch (Although, based on the comments in the article, there was a little misunderstanding between TC and Brett about the timing of the launch.) Having TechCrunch launch a website is the equivalent of a band landing a gig as the opening act for the Rolling Stones. Brett has garnered over 500 registered users in less than three days, and the number of debates is increasing rapidly.

One thing I'd like to see added to ConvinceMe is an email notification system that lets me know when someone has responded to my comment. That would instantly double the number of pageviews I contribute to the site.

Nice work Brett!