March 1, 2007

Does your seat float?

I was trying to phase out the usual flight safety song and dance on my Delta flight to Denver tonight when I caught a very interesting piece of the presentation:

"Most of your seat cushions can be used as floatation devices ..."

Most of them? What are they going to say next -- "Most of your gas masks will work in the event that the cabin is filled with poisonous gas."? I spent a good portion of the flight looking at the passengers within sight of my seat thinking to myself, "I wonder if he's the one who's going to be mooching float time off of me and my seat if we crash into a body of water ..."

Social network + nice revenue stream idea = Shelfari

Yesterday, I blogged about the fact that too many media companies, including social networks, launch with the fear of using something like a premium subscription model to augment their advertising revenue stream.

Shelfari, an Amazon backed soc. network, for book lovers, is a great example of a social network with a cool built-in revenue stream.

Users can post their "bookshelves" so other people can see what they have read and find other readers with common reading preferences. You can find reviews, post reviews, ask questions about books and ... drum roll please ... buy the books off of Amazon. Convenience for users, revenue for Shelfari. It's not rocket science, but it's cool.

As a user, I wish it was easier for me to buy books through Shelfari. I found a couple of books that I ended up purchasing, but it took me a while to find the place to buy. I want to be able to click on the picture of the book and have it take me straight to the page with opinions and the purchase button on the right. Otherwise, I love the site and look forward to helping them make money.

My profile name on Shelfari is jjordan. Feel free to find me on the site so I can learn about what you're reading.