March 13, 2007

Paid v. Free v. Freemium and Company-wide Multi-tasking

A couple of blog posts that made me say "hmmmmm" last week:

Blog Post #1

Josh Kopleman of First Round Capital started a great conversation last week with this post. Here's the meat:
The truth is, scaling from $5 to $50 million is not the toughest part of a new venture - it's getting your users to pay you anything at all. The biggest gap in any venture is that between a service that is free and one that costs a penny. I can't think of a single premium service that has achieved truly viral distribution. Can you?
Since then, Anne from GigaOm, Jeremy, David, and others ave chimed in with their take on the matter. I've blogged too much about free v. paid v. freemium lately, so I'll just let you check out their stuff. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter.

Blog Post #2

Hummer Winblad's Will Price wrote a great piece on the tendency of entrepreneurs to make their companies "multi-task".

Many of the entrepreneurs that we work with struggle with this issue, and I'd be lying if I said that FundingUniverse hasn't fought the tenancy to become all things to all people. Sometimes it's tough to focus when you're out to change the world, but it's imperative to do so when manpower, capital and time are scarce. Find the business model that provides the shortest distance between launch and cash flow, and stick with it.