March 16, 2007

Killer App: The Boss Button

I laughed out loud when I used the Boss Button (see picture below) at the bottom of's live stream of the NCAA Basketball Tournament games. When you click the button, the streaming video screen turns into a page of charts and graphs, saving you from any negative consequences that may come as a result of your watching the games on the job.

I really wouldn't have any use for it because I would never watch any of the UNLV v. Georgia Tech game during business hours, but some people might. ;)

Breaking news: Congrats to Five GOED Finalists!

Big shout out to the five finalists who will be presenting at the Utah Economic Summit for a shot at a $100,000 investment:
An ultra-big big shout out to all of the semi-finalists who all easily could have made the finals:
If I'm an angel in Utah, I'm licking my chops right now. All of these companies are fundable, in my humble opinion -- yet not the kind of humble opinion that should be construed as a recommendation. :)

Disclosure: Brock and I are very small share holders in Rahster/OnCampusSports, one of the finalist companies. We went out of our way to offer no opinion or vote regarding OCS's selection into the finals or semi-finals. In the interest of avoiding a conflict of interest, neither of us voted for OCS in any round of the selection process.