May 11, 2007

New Angel Group in St. George, UT

A few weeks back, we hosted a Dixie SpeedPitching luncheon in partnership with the new Dixie Angel Group and the Vegas Valley Angels. It’s exciting to see some of the angels in St. George become more structured and organized.

After the SpeedPitching luncheon, we facilitated an investor-only meeting for the 2 groups to discuss the deals and decide on interest. It appears that they’ll be taking a closer look at 3-4 of the deals that pitched at the event including:

  1. (coming soon)
  2. Browz
  3. D.A.M. Truck Tools
  4. In2Networks 

It’s who is behind the CEO that counts…

Chris Knudsen wrote a blog entry about a year ago about the difficulty of being a CEO. While I don’t argue that being a CEO is difficult, it’s the “specialists” and the “monday morning QBs” (as he puts it) that really allow the company to grow and be successful (Chris: I still love ya :)). Here are a few of the people in my life that work their tails off to make FundingUniverse (and me as the CEO) look good:

1. My wife: I don’t want to get too personal here (because I could go on all day about her), but my wife is truly amazing. Her support, encouragement, patience, and love is what motivates me and keeps me going.

2. My partners: Trent, Jeff, Briana, and Josh are incredibly talented. They have made a ton of sacrifices to make FundingUniverse into the company that it is today.

3. The team: when it comes down to it, you always need people on the ground (specialists) that are making things happen. We’ve got fantastic employees, partners, contractors, and advisors that know how to execute.

Sometimes the CEO will have a lot of people telling them how great they are and they soon begin to believe it. They forget that there are a whole lot of people at their side that are making things happen and ultimately results in them (as the leader) getting recognition.