June 14, 2007

Bootstrapping…Are You Doing It?

In previous blog posts, we have discussed the value of bootstrapping.  Entrepreneurs often think bootstrapping is something a startup company does. However, an insightful article by Victoria Murphy Barret in Forbes Magazine points out that even if companies experience success, there is still value in bootstrapping a business.

In the article, Natalie explains, “This may be the new litmus test for Silicon Valley startups: How little can you spend? Indefinitely? There’s a touch of irony in this for a place that thrives when people buy technology, but it is creative destruction in motion. The recent proliferation of cheap or free software, rent-a-computers, and discount labor is spawning the next generation of software innovators.”

Read this article. What are you doing now to bootstrap your company? Will you continue to bootstrap even as your revenues increase?