June 15, 2007

And finally… #10 — A Little Luck!

Some might call it luck, persistence, timing, confidence, talent, etc…. but whatever it is, you’ve got to have it. I’ve seen a lot of deals and a lot of flops. Sometimes you are just down right lucky. Other times, you’ve got the best deal in the world, but still can’t find anyone to invest.

As I’ve gone through these 10 signs, I know that I’ve missed a ton. There are probably 100 signs of a fundable company, but hopefully this provides a good start. Good Luck!

Have You Seen the Blendtec Videos?

Last week, the FundingUniverse team attended the Ernst and Young Entrepreneur of the Year awards in Salt Lake. The winner in the manufacturing category was BlendTec. Tom Dickson, CEO of Blendtec, has become an Internet celebrity because of his “Will it blend?” videos.

YouTube Preview Image