June 22, 2007

Missed this week’s chat with Brian Harris?

Entrepreneurs: If you missed yesterday’s weekly chat with Brian Harris from Capstone Financial group, don’t worry. Here is a brief summary. Brian discussed factoring or accounts receivable financing. Accounts receivable financing uses your outstanding invoices to obtain up to 70 % advance on your total invoices.

Below are some benefits of this type of financing.

  • Your employees get paid…happy employees!
  • Your suppliers get paid on time…happy suppliers, plus you may get cash discounts!
  • No more “nagging” customers to pay….improved customer relations!
  • Less time with collections…more time marketing!
  • You can say “Yes” to customers who demand credit terms.
  • You can invest in income producing assets, people and equipment.
  • Most important, cash flow is improved!

Listen to the webinar to learn about the necessary steps to set up your factoring account. Join us every week for the FREE FundingUniverse weekly chat with an angel.