June 29, 2007

Free Management and Business Articles

While reading through our daily entrepreneur news brief, I found an incredibly valuable website with hundreds of free articles on Management and Business. I think that one of the greatest take-aways from being an entrepreneur is the opportunity to learn. In fact, it is because we believe so much in learning and education that we have provided with Company Histories and the Sample Business Plans content for FREE.

I love reading blogs. I love reading quality content about entrepreneurship and angel investing. Hopefully FundingUniverse is continually feeding your thirst of valuable content. If not, we’d love to hear your suggestions on how to improve. I’d also love to hear about what other blogs you are currently reading so that I can add it to my Google RSS Reader.

Entrepreneur=Risk Taker

Part of being an entrepreneur is being a risk taker. In essence, you are betting the farm that your target market will accept your idea. It can be scary and intimidating, yet an exhilarating experience. Sometimes taking the risk pays off and other times it doesn’t. I came across a great article, Top Entrepreneurs Say Take Risks, Follow Your Gut. Take the time to read this. It may encourage you to take strategic risks, risks which may lead your company to success.