July 31, 2007

Steps to Funding

STEP 1: Post Your Plan & Get Rated

Post your business plan for FREE in front of hundreds of investors and lenders. Once your plan is posted, it will be automatically rated by one of our business plan analysts and will be placed into the Investor Gallery — of course, the highest rated plans will be seen at the top of the investor’s list. While the investor will only see your overall score (0-4 stars), you will have instant access to ALL of your rating details for only $19.95.

STEP 2: Prepare Yourself for Angels & Other Financing Sources

Did you know that only 2 out of 100 small businesses are successful when raising capital? Our goal is to increase those odds by giving you the tools and education necessary to obtain financing for your company.

STEP 3: Pitch Your Idea to Angels & Other Financing Sources

Once you have adequately prepared by becoming a 3-4 star plan, FundingUniverse can help put your plan in front of the right financing sources.

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