August 8, 2007

I’m Amped About …

LinkedIn Answers — I asked my network on LinkedIn to refer me to an organization they trusted to fill a need here at FundingUniverse. By the next day, I received 20+ referrals! It probably saved me at least 15 hours of work.

I haven’t used Yahoo Answers or any of the other Answers-ish sites extensively yet, but I’m going to use free services like these a lot more in the future.

WebbAlert — Kind of a Wallstrip for techy stuff, WebbAlert is new video blog that aggregates the latest (well, almost the latest) developments in technology and the business of technology. The hostess, Morgan Webb, comes off like a real tech head without crossing over into the annoying realm of Rocketboom. The news usually comes from the previous day’s blogs, so if you’re subscribed to a ton of blogs, you’ll have heard a lot of the news already. That being said, it’s a good way to get a quick fix of tech news when you don’t have time to comb through your RSS reader.

My massage chair — Every morning when I come into the office I open up my laptop and then step away from my desk to sit down in a massage chair with a notepad in my hand. I use the 10-minute massage to create mental models of FundingUniverse’s current position and future goals, write down my thoughts, and plan my day accordingly. I once read that Bill Gates attributes a lot of his success to the amount of time he spends thinking about what he’s going to do. Thanks to Bill and my massage chair, I’m making better decisions and my back feels great!

Bill Simmons — My favorite sports columnist and one of the 12 remaining hardcore NBA fans.

The Fray — Lindsay Snow, our resident SpeedPitching assassin, went to one of their shows the other night and got me hooked on them. I created a Pandora station for them and I haven’t changed stations since.

And as usual …

FundingUniverse — We’ve just finalized a couple of important partnerships that will increase our ability to connect entrepreneurs with start-up capital in more ways than ever before. We’ll keep you updated … :)

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