August 15, 2007

Social Network for Investors: Invite Only

A new premier social network for investors, launched by FundingUniverse, will connect like-minded investors in an invite-only online community. The exclusive network will be open only to those investors who have been invited to participate.
Some of benefits of the investor network include:

  • Connection to Active Investors across the Country: FundingUniverse is a place to collaborate and connect with other like-minded investors. As a member, investors will be able to see each other’s investment preferences, portfolio companies, and network.
  • Dealflow Collaboration & Group Tools: Instead of bulky and expensive group software, any member can create their own online investment group by the click of a button. As a group manager, investors can invite (or delete) as many other investor friends as desired. FundingUniverse can even create a personalized website for deal submission!
  • Pre-Screened Dealflow: Instead of hiring a personal assistant, FundingUniverse will find and screen the deals that meet an investor’s preferences.
  • Dealflow Organization: The FundingUniverse technology allows for easy organization of all deals. Investors can search by industry, state, funding amount, or by name. All of this information will be securely stored in the investor console.
  • Private, Secure Network: All investor contact information is kept secure and private. Because our network is permission-based, no member (or entrepreneur) will see the investor’s personal information unless the investor allows access.
  • Personalized Alerts: When a deal meeting an investor’s preference is posted, the plan will be emailed to the investor immediately.