August 21, 2007

Carl Schramm Gives an Entrepreneurial Pep-talk

I’m about 15 minutes into a smokin’ podcast address by Carl Schramm, president of the Kauffman Foundation, given at Stanford University earlier this month.

Description of the talk from the website:

Carl Schramm, President of the Kauffman Foundation, examines the vital role of entrepreneurship in the changing economy. He emphasizes how entrepreneurs have a positive influence on the American economy by creating ways to reinvent and innovate the rules of life. For example, half of the jobs created in 2007 are from firms less than five years old. Entrepreneurs teach us about human needs we did not know existed, create jobs that provide security for people, and generate social welfare, he says.

I had the chance to see Carl speak at an ACA event in NYC last year and came away well inspired. I think you’ll get the same vibe from this address.

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