September 6, 2007

David Cohen Webinar Link

For those of you who weren’t able to join us for this morning’s webinar featuring David Cohen of TechStars, you can click here to hear the whole thing.

David is a class guy. In his presentation he briefly mentioned that he discovered that one of his startups was going to fail, so he returned money to his investors before he spent any more of it.  Don’t see that very often.

I loved his emphasis on thriftiness in a startup. Too many entrepreneurs see the raising of capital as a green light to spend like they were a Fortune 500 company. If every entrepreneur agonized over spending $300 on a printer, like David did in his first startup, the world would be a beautiful place.

He also spent a lot of time talking about listening to the market. If your company is failing, it’s not because of a lack of money, bad timing, or problems with the team. It’s probably because the market doesn’t want your product. Listen to your customers and they will tell you how you need to tweak your product to match their needs.

There’s a bunch more in the webinar. Happy listening!