September 25, 2007

DEMOfall: Storage and infrastructure

These afternoon presentations haven’t been as “exciting” purely because of the product categories, but overall I have been more impressed by the companies. All of the companies have been pretty strong, though some of the company presentations have been more like a press release than an actual launch presentation.  Some of the interesting presentations came from Propel Software which is a personal desktop app that prioritizes bandwidth on your computer so that applications like voip connections still perform while under network stress. Fusion-io has a new pci express storage card that is supposedly 1000 times faster than a hard disk drive. Qumranet is a desktop virtualization system that seems very well done and has some very good technology backing it up. It seems like most of these companies are already very well funded.

DEMOfall: Naming your web company

I forgot to mention this earlier, that if you are going to be putting up an end user website especially in the “web 2.0″ space, name your company the same thing as your website or at least close. I hate when I see some name of a company like Adventis and then their website is There have been a few companies like that here and it just kills me. It is hard enough to remember one name let alone two names together. Simplify it and don’t be so egotistical that you need some fancy company name.

DEMOfall: Morning presentation

Here are some thoughts on some of the copies I have seen at Demofall so far.

The standouts:

Digital fountain – Video delivery network using Amazon S3 services. Improves video delivery by using “video repairing” technology so that packet loss and other problems doesn’t affect the end result of the video. Polished presentation, but there are a lot of questions about whether this is any better than the other things out there. Will be a solution for video providers as they are not an end user company itself.

Motion DSR ( – Site powered by patent pending algorithm that improves and fixes low quality video from camera phones and other sources. I think this could be huge hooked with cell phone providers and could be used to improve all those crappy youtube videos. One of my favorites.

Your Truman Show Inc – video network that organizes similar videos into a visual map and is a great tool to share videos within a social network style interface. The way this thing works is pretty cool, and it has to be seen to understand why it is different than what is already out there.

Here are the blah ones -

Clipblast! – Just a normal boring video desktop widget. It could go somewhere, but it isn’t that innovative and could very easily be duplicated by any of the big boys.

Metaradar – Cooling looking web mashup client, the only problem is AOL did this for a long time. That failed, we aren’t going back. People use the open Internet, closing it down again is a waste of time. Felt bad, Demo screwed up their presentation. They should get a refund.

Here are the “you wasted your money!” presentations

Global communications – We are gonna change the world but we won’t tell you how! (Internet over simple copper wiring)

Proxure – They looked like they wanted to run away. Don’t spend your money if you aren’t ready. Simple video desktop sharing software.