October 25, 2007

Burn baby, burn!

We have talked recently about the importance of having enough runway to get your company through each stage of its life.  During the startup phase it is obviously very important to use your money sparingly and to cut corners where you can.  That being said, you do not want to scrimp on the things that MAKE your company what it is.  Too often web startups do not protect their servers whether it be through missed backups, poor IT staff, or other issues.  If you are a brick and mortar business, having a fire hazard for a building often takes out businesses that otherwise would have survived.  If your business relies on something completely, make sure that it is solid and that you have protections around it.  Just ask this startup company about this issue.

Whether it be leased equipment, buildings, servers, financial, or legal, make sure you are looking out for quality.  The last thing you need as a struggling startup is to be taken down by a fire, hackers, lawsuits, or broken equipment.  While certain things are out of your control, most are at least partially avoidable.  In the fast world of dreamy eyed entrepreneurs, these things are often forgotten.

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