November 29, 2007

What Drives You

As entrepreneurs we are often asked why we are doing things by family, friends, and associates.  Many of them question our sanity.  For me, independence and knowing that what I am working on will directly affect my company gives me all the motivation I need.  However, everyone is different, and everyone has their own reasons for what they do.  As entrepreneurs, what drives you in your business, and what inspirations are behind your work?  Is it money, respect, family?  Who or what has inspired you while you have been working in your various endeavours?

I think asking ourselves these questions occasionally is helpful in making sure we are doing things for the right reasons.  An entrepreneur can quickly become obsessed with making money and forget the real reasons he started the company in the first place.  There are exceptions, but usually the most successful entrepreneurs stay grounded and focused on their goals they originally had for their ideas.  How have you kept your vision and company focused on your vision as you have grown?