July 23, 2008

FundingUniverse named #19 on Top 25 under 5 Years

The Utah Valley Entrepreneurial Forum (UVEF) announced winners of its 2008 “Top 25 Under Five” Awards spotlighting outstanding Utah entrepreneurs from across the state and FundingUniverse came in as #19!

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July 11, 2008

Open Thread – What’s Your Opinion?

I’m always happy to participate in the daily conversations at FundingUniverse about how to provide more value to our members. We talk about it a lot but I have to admit it’s for a very selfish reason.

Every company talks about how “customer-focused” they are. Sometimes they give the impression they’re doing what they do out of altruism or because it’s a moral crusade to make this world a better place. As warm and fuzzy as that makes us feel (and maybe it’s true, who knows!), the reality of business is that it’s a necessity not a nicety.

Entrepreneurship, at the most basic level, is about solving problems. Entrepreneurs are people who fix things, who improve things and who serve peoples’ needs. In exchange for their service, people pay them money. To the degree an entrepreneur or a business understands and serves the needs of her/its customer, she/it will be rewarded monetarily. So the bottom line is, the more value a company provides, the more profitable they’ll be.

That principle is so basic it’s almost not worth repeating. I do repeat it, however, because as fundamental as that concept is, it’s often overlooked. If more companies just listened and responded to their customers the success rate of small businesses would go up tremendously.

FundingUniverse has definitely come a long way over the past few years. So much of the work we’ve done has been because of feedback we’ve received from our clients and if it weren’t for that feedback, FundingUniverse wouldn’t be where we are today. Thank you for all of your feedback. As we continue to grow, we know the most important thing we can do is gather insight from the people who keep us in business. We would love to have your thoughts on how we can make the FundingUniverse experience even better. Please leave us a comment, send us an email or just give us a call. Our ears are always open.