September 10, 2008

Back to the Basics

Ask any professional baseball player what got him to the big leagues and I would wager that with few exceptions he would highlight some very typical behavior, such as hard work, consistent practice etc.  If you were to dig deeper and probe him about what specific things made him a quality hitter, pitcher or infielder I would wager a greater sum that he would talk about fundamentals; throwing your hips through and letting your shoulders follow as you swing the bat, letting your body do the pitching not your arm by keeping the ball back and high and letting the body rotate, or keeping your butt down as you feild a fast grounder.  All these things are fundamentals that you learn in little league.  Mastering these fundamentals is what makes a pro.

The same goes for funding a business.  I can tell you till I am blue in the face how to build a plan, pitch to investors and network, but at the end of the day, only those who work at the fundamentals over and over again will get funded, grow their business and have a successful exit.  So what are the fundamentals?  

Let’s see if you can tell me.  Use the comments for this post to outline what you view as fundamental to raising capital.  Next weeks post will cover the results.

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