September 12, 2008

No Posers Here

FundingUniverse maintains an exclusive, invitation-only social network for our investors. We keep our network closed to ensure we’re working with legitimate investors who legally qualify for the opportunity to view the thousands of deals available through our website. We’ve heretofore accepted just over 700 investors into our network and turned down at least that many because they weren’t accredited.

Every investor who applies to join the network is taken through an interview process to ensure their legitimacy before we allow them access. We don’t let investors in who just solicit services to our entrepreneur members or, worse, are scammers posing as investors.

It’s a delicate balance between making joining as a legitimate investor easy while protecting our entrepreneurs from shady characters, so we continue to work on making the sign-up process smoother and more efficient.

Recently added for investors who apply to join the network is a limited view of the many dealflow and group collaboration tools available. They are still required to complete an interview before seeing deals but they can now see a sample of what’s available and complete their profiles right upfront to expedite the process.

What this means is we can now more efficiently process investor applications and orient them to the service much more effectively. The benefit to you? More genuine investors who might invest in your business.

Rest assured, FundingUniverse will maintain it’s strict “no posers” policy and do what we can to keep our network legit and elite.

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