September 30, 2008

Meet the FundingUniverse Posse: Joel Nielsen

Name: Joel Nielsen

Title: Venture Consultant

Joel consults with FundingUniverse’s entrepreneur clients and helps them plan and execute a fundraising strategy. He has assisted clients all over the country in diverse markets and industries.

Strong business acumen + personable disposition + mad ping pong skills = Joel.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve ever made in business?
I have a type A personality which means that I have a tendency to micro manage projects and people.  That all came to an end when I started graduate school.  In that environment it was physically and mentally impossible to control everything that needed to be completed in the time allotted.  Suddenly I had to depend on others to do their fair share and that required a lot of trust from me.  However, the experience was fantastic and through the process I learned that most people have amazing abilities if we give them the power and confidence to complete them.  As I get older, I have found that I have become more of a cheerleader and less a dictator and it has made all the difference

What’s the best business advice you’ve ever received?
1. Trust but verify.  -Ronald Regan
2. Get it in writing.  -Every Lawyer I have ever met.

Where did you work before FundingUniverse?
I am the CEO of Patriot Corporate Enterprises LLC.  Before that I owned a finance firm in Salt Lake City for 15 years.

What drew you to FundingUniverse?
I was immediately impressed with CEO Brock Blake and my boss Frank Poulsen.  Both men are extremely smart, very innovative and trust me to do my thing.  Beyond them are fantastic sales agents, awesome IT talents and an environment where it is fun to come to work every morning.

How will you help FundingUniverse grow?
I believe that a good leader is a better follower so right now my job is to take my cues from Brock and Frank and be prepared to do anything that they ask of me.  In addition to that I am designing some programs that could drive some incredible revenue streams.

What’s your favorite things about FundingUniverse?
The incredible people who work here.  I also have a passion for small business and seriously enjoy watching them grow.  Everyday I wake up and get to help build other peoples dreams.

What has been the funniest moment at FundingUniverse?
There is a ping pong table at the office that gets a lot of use during the day.  Several ping pong balls have been destroyed since I’ve been here.  Someone finally went out and bought a whole bucket of them.  Who knew it could be such a stress reliever to pound a ping pong ball into your opponents face?

What has been the weirdest moment at FundingUniverse?
When I found my brand new $5.53 ping pong paddle destroyed.  I was crushed because it was the last one that Walmart had I was doing really well with it.  I have been on a losing streak ever since and I can’t help but wonder if it was a company conspiracy to destroy it.

Do you have a website or blog?
OK my PERSONAL blog is However, you should know that it is quite flippant as I try to extract the humor out of everyday things that happen to me.  In addition you will see that there are some tongue-in-cheek posts.