October 24, 2008

Avoid: waiting for nothing

FundingUniverse wants to help you improve your business proposition to an investor. The best way for us to do this is to actually play the role of the fund analyst.  The only real difference is we will actually provide you with constructive feedback, advice and consulting on how to make your proposition effective and attractive, rather than throwing it in the trash and never even replying to your email or phone call.

So here are a few things to understand about an investor and therefore what to expect as a client.

1.  Investors won’t read your 25+ page business plan and neither will we.  Rather we will help you carve it down to a direct and compelling document that is simple to understand and easy to digest quickly.

2.  Investors want to see your executive summary first, if you cannot convince them you are worthwhile from the Exec. Summ. then your business plan will probably just bore them. We will help you condense your plan down to the most critical material then it will be a simple process to add to it and make a good business plan.  This is much easier than reading your doctoral thesis and trying to find a few nuggets.

3.  It is best to get refered to an investor instead of spaming the transum with your B-plan.  We will help you understand the strategic and proper way to contact an investor.  Believe it or not you are probably only 2 and maybe even 1 relationship away from a funding source if you just took the time and worked strategically to tap your network.

4.  Investors are not evil but, they are in business to make money.  if you do not understand the details of deal structure, the terms of the deal and equity finance generally, you stand the risk of getting the raw end of the deal or loosing the opportunity to negotiate a better deal for you.

So, before you go looking for Venture or Angel funding, let us play the part of the fund analyst so you don’t have to face a barrage of rejection with little (or more likely) no feedback or response.

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