November 19, 2008

Huge Turnout for November Speed Pitch

The tables could barely hold the number of investors that attended our Speed Pitch event on November 4th in Salt Lake City. Traditionally we have 10 tables with about 2-3 investors per table, but at this event we had at least four per table and some had more than that.  We truely had investors spilling into the aisles!

The flood of investors attending was telling for two reasons.  1.  We are in a downturn economy which typically means that investors are more tight fisted with their resources.  To have so many of them at our event was intriguing and 2.  The strength of investor turnout is a tribute to FundingUniverse and their ability to bring quality and certified companies to the table.  It takes a Hurclean effort to put these events together but the results for both the Investor and the Entreprenuer are immeasurable.

Cary Snowden pitching to investorsI am excited to report that EVERY company that pitched was offered invitations for follow up meetings, were given referrals to other investors or in most cases were given both.  Shortly after the event, we asked all entreprenuers to share some of their thoughts on the event.  Here are just a few of the we received.

Fantastic!  Great experience, great opportunity.
- Jason Izatt, CEO, Izatt International

Do what you can to get into this event.
- Shane Willard, CampusBook

Pony up the [dough] and attend.
- Alan Martin, CEO, CampusBook

It really helps to hone the pitch.
- C. Lunceford, Miralinx

Must do. If not for the money then for the experience
- Cary Snowden, CEO, ListPipe

Our next speed pitching event will be on December 12th and we are excited to end this incredible year on a high note.  If you are interested in learning more about how your company can present at one of our events or if you are an investor looking for qualified, certified deals contact one of our representatives at 877-638-3616 option 1 to learn how you can attend our next event.

Joel Nielsen is a Venture Consultant at FundingUniverse.  He can be reached at

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