May 19, 2009

Introducing…Online Speedpitch

Each month, FundingUniverse hosts an Online Speedpitch Event in which it showcases 4-6 entrepreneurs and their companies in front of 10-20 accredited angel investors and venture capitalists.  The event has turned out to be a huge success.  Investors can get a close look at 4-6 deals in under an hour and entrepreneurs are able to develop meaningful relationships with several qualified investors.

The format of the event is similar to our live Speedpitch Event.  Pitches are done live over the web in an online webinar format.  Entrepreneurs go through their concise PowerPoint presentation for four minutes after which the time is opened up to the investors to ask questions for three minutes.  Once this question and answer period is over the investors are surveyed and asked to express their level of interest in the deal and we move on to the next presenter.  At the end of the event, the results of the surveys are compiled and delivered to the entrepreneurs to help them follow up with each interested investor to pursue further conversation.

The entire event lasts about 45 minutes-1 hour depending on the number of entrepreneurs selected to present.  Thanks to the quality of the investors who attend these events and the devotion of the entrepreneurs to improve their pitches, each of our participants has been able to generate the interest of investors through this event.

In our most recent Online Speedpitch Event, FundingUniverse showcased the following companies:

At the end of the event, each presenter had interested investors to follow up with.  In fact, one presenter pitched well enough that he got two term sheets in less than a week after the event while another was able to develop a strategic partnership with an investor!

FundingUniverse’s Online Speedpitch Events are held each month.  To be considered to pitch to our investors, please send an email to mangumz at with your executive summary attached.

UPDATE: we just received word that an investor from the last Online Speedpitch Event flew in from across the country to meet with one of the entrepreneurs this week to discuss funding their deal!

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