June 29, 2009

Scott Frazier, Greg Warnock Honored at First Annual Angel Investor of the Year Awards Luncheon

The business community united to show their support of entrepreneurism last week in anticipation of the announcement of the first annual Utah Angel Investor of the Year. After narrowing the field to the 3 finalists of Scott Frazier, Nobu Mutaguchi, and Alan Hall; the capacity crowd applauded as Scott Frazier was named the 2009 Angel Investor of the Year.

As Frazier accepted his award, it was easy to see why he has been so successful in his business career. He quickly shifted the attention from himself and pointed out several colleagues who have also made significant contributions to the entrepreneurial community here in Utah. Frazier said, “If they were giving this award out for being good at specific aspects of investing, there are many others who are more qualified than me.”

Along with the Investor of the Year Award, we thought it was fitting to recognize an individual who may not be making significant monetary contributions to entrepreneurs, but provides significant guidance and education to help them fulfill their dreams. Though many were qualified to win this award, Greg Warnock stood out for his years of mentorship through Junto, Mercato Partners and other worthwhile endeavors.

It was incredible to see the business community come together to recognize these individuals and support the entrepreneurial spirit here in Utah. While we were expecting anywhere from 150-200, we were pleased to see almost 300 in attendance and packing the room to the limit. Next year we will definitely have to find a bigger venue to host the luncheon.

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