August 21, 2009

FundingUniverse Online Speedpitch – August

As many of you already know, each month, FundingUniverse hosts an “Online Speedpitch Event”.  This event is one of the best opportunities for entrepreneurs across the nation to get exposure to real, legitimate, active angel investors and VC’s.  For investors, this serves as an excellent way to get access to quality, pre-screened deal flow.

Yesterday’s event featured five top-notch companies:

  1. Olive Medical – based in Utah
  2. 2 Chicks with Chocolate – based in New Jersey
  3. – based in Utah
  4. TuneToad – based in Texas
  5. Xtreme Whitetail Technologies - based in Iowa

We were excited to see each of the presenters from this month’s event gain meaningful contacts from investors to help them in their fundraising efforts.

If you are an entrepreneur seeking opportunities to pitch to qualified, accredited investors, please register on our home page to be considered as a presenter for our monthly Online Speedpitch Event.

If you are an accredited investor looking for a higher quality of deal flow, click here to register as an investor on and we will ensure that you are invited to participate in our next Online Speedpitch Event.