September 16, 2009

LivePitch is now CrowdPitch

As a result of some confusion between our Speedpitch and LivePitch events, we’ve changed the name of our LivePitch events to CrowdPitch.

What is a CrowdPitch?

Well… have any of you seen the new TV show on ABC called SharkTank? Well, the CrowdPitch event is a nice mix between SharkTank and American Idol. Essentially, 4-5 companies pitch their business to both a panel of 4-5 investors and a live audience of 100-200 other business owners. After the presentation, the panel will provide real-time feedback (Simon Cowell style) to the entrepreneur.

In addition, the audience plays a large role in the event: we give each member of the audience $100 of monopoly money that they can “invest” in their favorite presentation. After all the “investments” have been made, we count up the monopoly money and provide a nice $2-$5k prize pack to the winner!

What is the difference between CrowdPitch and Speedpitch?

This is a question that we get asked on a regular basis. The main difference between the 2 events is the audience. The Crowdpitch event is intended to attract a large audience — networking is an important component of the event. However, the Speedpitch event is a very exclusive/intimate event where only the 6-10 presenting companies, the 20-45 investors, and a handful of select sponsors are invited/allowed to attend.

Coming to a place near you…

I guess that I should let you know that we have announced our events for the remainder of the year and, if you are in the west, it’s likely we’ll be coming to a location near you! (If you’re out East — don’t worry, we’ll be coming their soon enough). Here is a brief overview:

September 30 – Denver – CrowdPitch
October 7 – Utah – SpeedPitch
October 14 – Boise – CrowdPitch
October 28 – Phoenix – CrowdPitch
November 4 – Utah – Social Entrepreneurship CrowdPitch
November 18 – Seattle – CrowdPitch
December 2 – Utah – SpeedPitch
December 16 – Portland – CrowdPitch

If you are interested in being a part of any of these events, let us know (send an email to members “at”

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