November 5, 2009

Unparalleled Energy wins CrowdPitch PHX

We want to congratulate Unparalleled Energy, the winner of last week’s Phoenix CrowdPitch!

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We had the opportunity to have a Q&A session with Cary Lovins about the company and the experience they had presenting at this event:

  • FundingUniverse – Tell us a little about your company.
  • Cary – We produce the world’s only protein bread, an energy drink (which tastes fantastic and lowers cholesterol and tryglercides), and a delicious energy/protein bar.  After receiving the funding we need, we will launch our products to over 5 Billion people.
  • FundingUniverse – That’s impressive.  How did you get started?
  • Cary – I have always been good at formulating things.  I made the ingredient list for three other energy drinks.  Two years ago, I started another healthy energy drink.  It translated very poorly in other countries, so I sold it.  I then created another energy drink.  4 months later, I created the protein bread and the energy/protein bar.
  • FundingUniverse – Why do you feel your product is unique?
  • Cary – Our products are the only ones like them in the world and cannot be reformulated.
  • FundingUniverse – What funding challenges did you face as you were trying to get your idea off the ground?
  • Cary – I had no challenges really, I used all of my own money from the sale of the other company.  I am now just having a problem with getting an investor to make the product.
  • FundingUniverse – How did you hear about FundingUniverse and the Phoenix CrowdPitch event?
  • Cary – While online looking for angel investors.  Thanks to a gentleman in your company named Darren, I was penciled into CrowdPitch.  I honestly believe Darren is a true asset to your company and should be commended.
  • FundingUniverse – Describe your experience pitching your idea in front of a live audience and panel of experts at the CrowdPitch event.
  • Cary – I loved pitching the idea, because I truly believe in my products and want the world to be a healthier place.  My heart and my mind are 150% committed to this.  However, it was very scary and I had never done anything like that
    before.  I really did not know whether to look at the panel or the crowd.
  • FundingUniverse – Did you get any new insights or ideas from the Q&A portion of the event?
  • Cary – Everyone loved the product and the pitch, however I could have spoken a little louder.  The other companies I heard received a lot of help though.
  • FundingUniverse – How does it feel to know that those in attendance liked your idea and gave their “funny money” to you?
  • Cary – It made me feel great to have complete strangers enjoy my products.  The funny money is an excellent way to determine the winner by being unanimous.
  • FundingUniverse – What is the next step for your business?
  • Cary – Upon completion of funding, we will begin filling our orders to get these three products out to the world and have people eating healthy food that is very good for them.

Thanks again to Unparalleled Energy and all the other companies that pitched at this event.  We are already looking forward to similar upcoming events in Utah, Seattle, Portland, and San Diego (to name a few).

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