February 27, 2010

FundingUniverse Introduces BankPitch

Most of our readers know by now about the great events that FundingUniverse hosts all over the country to bring entrepreneurs together with active investors – all in the hopes of getting innovative ideas funded. Our CrowdPitch, SpeedPitch, Online Speedpitch, Social Entrepreneurship CrowdPitch, and other events have been a huge success wherever we take them.

We are excited to announce that we are adding a new event to the lineup: BankPitchtm! It will connect entrepreneurs with banks and other lenders in an energetic setting. This is more important than ever in these tough economic times.  Alex Lawrence, Partner and Chief Evangelist for FundingUniverse said “BankPitch represents another new and exciting way for us to provide free opportunities for entrepreneurs to connect with matches for their business needs.  BankPitch is the first event of it’s kind wherein banks that are actively lending to small businesses are connected with entrepreneurs that have companies which are BankReady™.  Matching the right bank with the right entrepreneur in a fun, organized environment that is free to the entrepreneur is something we are excited to launch.  BankPitch, along with our CrowdPitch and SpeedPitch events, remain completely free to the entrepreneur and all events combined represent over 50 opportunities in 2010 that FUN provides for entrepreneurs in cities all around the USA.”

How it Works:

Selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to present their businesses to local, active banks. Banks will see pre-screened companies; allowing bankers to hear new business plans, make connections, and make loans.

Look forward to:

  • Visibility in front of the lending community
  • Invaluable feedback from bankers
  • Free lunch!

You must meet these qualifications

  • Been in business for 2+ years
  • Estimated credit scores of 700+
  • More than $100,000 in Annual Business Revenues in the last year


  • Entrepreneur´s 4-minute pitch
  • 2-minute Q&A
  • Bank´s 2-minute pitch
  • rotate to the next bank´s table

When & Where

  • Thursday, March 11
  • 11 am – 1:30 pm
  • Karen Gail Miller Conference Center
    9750 S 300 W
    Sandy, UT
*While there is no application or pitching fee, we do require credit card information from each presenter. If a presenter fails to appear at the event their card will be charged $250.

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February 26, 2010

FundingUniverse News

Things are really heating up here at FundingUniverse and we’re excited about all this is going on.  We’re here to catch you up on the latest.


As you can see from the blog post HERE, yesterday’s Baltimore CrowdPitch event was a huge success and ended in a tie!  FundingUniverse was featured in a Baltimore Business Journal article published today titled Wary banks, needy businesses flirt over still-scarce loans. The article said “On Feb. 25, five business owners from the mid-Atlantic region were scheduled to talk up their companies to an audience of venture capitalists and other potential investors in a ‘Crowd Pitch’ event at the University of Maryland’s Baltimore biotechnology park. The event was organized by Funding Universe, a Utah-based company that connects entrepreneurs with potential investors. It was the first time Funding Universe has held such an event in Baltimore. Could such events be the first sign of a thaw in relations between bankers and small-business owners?”  You can read the full article HERE.


Our CEO Brock Blake was quoted in an article on AllBusiness.com titled Angel Investors – How to Find Them, and How to Prepare a Catching Plan. He said “it is key to pitch everyone. ‘This includes potential investors, friends, family members, neighbors, accountants, attorneys, consultants, government officials, strangers, and etc.’ People want to help, and you never know who may be listening or who may know someone who knows someone who might be interested.”  You can read the full article HERE


We also wanted to let you know that the event held on February 12th with Seth Godin was a huge success!  FundingUniverse was able to help deliver $6,500 to the Red Cross Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund though sponsorship of the event, and we want to thank all of you that helped make it a success.  “We are very grateful for the generosity of corporate sponsors and contributions raised through our event that made this donation to The Red Cross Haiti Relief Fund possible.,” said Kelly King Anderson, Startup Princess Founder.  You can read the entire press release HERE

February 25, 2010

Baltimore CrowdPitch ends in a Tie!

Our Baltimore CrowdPitch event has just ended in a tie between The Seasoned Palate and Cyncz. For those of you unfamiliar with the event format, this was an incredibly unlikely outcome. So unlikely, in fact, that it caught the panel of judges, the audience, the presenters, and even our cool & confident CEO, Brock Blake, a bit off guard.

The Seasoned Palate                                  Cyncz

Let me explain, CrowdPitch is like ‘American Idol’ for entrepreneurs. Several entrepreneurs are given 4 minutes to pitch their business to both a panel of judges and live audience. After the judges give some frank – nay, Simon-esque – feedback, the audience & judges invest ‘FUN’ money in the business of their choice (the judges are given more money on the supposition that their opinions are more valid, sorry).

When the money (invested by over 100 attendees) was counted Seasoned Palate & Cyncz came out dead-even… while many would have preferred a more competitive (*cough* barbaric) resolution to the tie, the affair was settled in a gentlemanly fashion with the pize being split.  So each company will receive the following “FundingUniverse Stimulus Package” (and in the tradition of all great stimulus packages, we only provide a portion of it ourselves with our sponsors picking up the bulk of the tab).

  • SEO.com: 5 hours or seo work = $750 value
  • NOWAdvisors: 6 hours of financial & accounting services = $900 value
  • FundingUniverse: startup services = $1,250 value
  • Qqest: 4 months payroll services = $1,000 value
  • Amazon: web services = $250 value
  • ETC: 3 months semi-private cube space = $1,275 value