February 25, 2010

Baltimore CrowdPitch ends in a Tie!

Our Baltimore CrowdPitch event has just ended in a tie between The Seasoned Palate and Cyncz. For those of you unfamiliar with the event format, this was an incredibly unlikely outcome. So unlikely, in fact, that it caught the panel of judges, the audience, the presenters, and even our cool & confident CEO, Brock Blake, a bit off guard.

The Seasoned Palate                                  Cyncz

Let me explain, CrowdPitch is like ‘American Idol’ for entrepreneurs. Several entrepreneurs are given 4 minutes to pitch their business to both a panel of judges and live audience. After the judges give some frank – nay, Simon-esque – feedback, the audience & judges invest ‘FUN’ money in the business of their choice (the judges are given more money on the supposition that their opinions are more valid, sorry).

When the money (invested by over 100 attendees) was counted Seasoned Palate & Cyncz came out dead-even… while many would have preferred a more competitive (*cough* barbaric) resolution to the tie, the affair was settled in a gentlemanly fashion with the pize being split.  So each company will receive the following “FundingUniverse Stimulus Package” (and in the tradition of all great stimulus packages, we only provide a portion of it ourselves with our sponsors picking up the bulk of the tab).

  • SEO.com: 5 hours or seo work = $750 value
  • NOWAdvisors: 6 hours of financial & accounting services = $900 value
  • FundingUniverse: startup services = $1,250 value
  • Qqest: 4 months payroll services = $1,000 value
  • Amazon: web services = $250 value
  • ETC: 3 months semi-private cube space = $1,275 value

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