March 16, 2010

FundingUniverse Customer Feedback


We have been getting some great feedback lately from Customers who have worked with us and had positive experiences.  These companies have found ways to put FundingUniverse‘s events, services, and expertise to great use in their companies.  Here are just a few of them as of late:

Robert Subby, CEO of Sunfish Studios, LLC said “If you are an entrepreneur with a solid idea and are looking to finance your business then I would strongly suggest that you get FundingUniverse behind your efforts.  We did just that and within two days of our first Webinar pitch we were contacted by a very reputable and well connected funding group.  ‘You get what you pay for’ as they say.  We got a great return on our investment with FundingUniverse. Trust is a much valued commodity were we come from and FundingUniverse earned ours.

Alan Martin, Founder and CEO of said “The SpeedPitch got us in front of more investors in 90 minutes than we had gotten in front of the entire year prior. We landed our first meeting just 30 minutes after leaving the event. Anyone who is seeking funds and has absolute confidence in their idea needs to prepare for and attend a speedpitch event.”

Rob Moore from Simplifile said “For a small company needing capital infusion, the SpeedPitch event was invaluable.  Not only were we able to establish productive contacts within the investor community, but we also refined our investor pitch.  The process of preparing for and participating in the rapid-fire presentation format challenged us to clearly articulate why Simplifile represents a compelling investment opportunity.  Very worthwhile.”

And Sam Gur from PhytoBase said “Congratulations to team FundingUniverse on the amazing concept and a very well planned out event. Few things that were clear are: it is advantageous to have the presentation shorter to allow the investor to ask specific questions right then and there. They get more info beyond the presentation & allows for personal communication contact. At the same time for the Entrepreneur to make notes of the questions asked, as it is an important feedback for the entrepreneur for the future business plan development or presentations. Very impressed with the concept and the way it was managed.”

We look forward to working with many more customers in the future and we look forward to any feedback anyone has that has worked with us.  for more information and to contact us, visit

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