August 20, 2010

FundingUniverse ranks #34 on the Inc. 500

We’re proud to be ranked #34 on the Inc. 500 list for 2010 with over a 6,000% growth rate!

We are:

  • #34 overall (Yes, that includes the entire US and all categories)
  • #3 in the ‘Financial Services’ category
  • #1 in Utah overall

2010′s Inc. 500 list is available here

Our CEO, Brock Blake, had a few words to say, “FundingUniverse is thrilled to be included on such a prestigious list of companies! It’s a great tribute to our employees and all the work that they do to help business owners gain access to capital.”

With signs and balloons up everywhere it’s like Christmas morning at FundingUniverse headquarters, complete with an office grinch. One of our engineers grumbled, “All these balloons are distracting…” which sounded like an endorsement to me!


    I hereby honestly officially appeal to The VC and all FundingUniverse Members to kindly extend their magnanimous hands of financing UNCTAD/EMPRETEC TRAINED ENTREPRENEURS IN NIGERIA AND ENTIRE AFRICAN CONTINENT.Honestly, they are being trained without any bank in that region /area financing them. Honestly, they are dying in silence which will cause great economic crisis in Africe in the years to come.Presently, Banks, so-called manufacturing companies are in crisis simply because no efficiency of entrepreneurship skills in their management. In this kind of situation, crisis must emerge.To avoid more of it, VC and all FundingUniverse Members should kindly support UNCTAD/EMPRETEC TRAINED ENTREPRENEURS ACCROSS AFRICA.(ANTHONY AYONOTE MD/CEO OF GOD'S OWN BUSINESS INTERNATIONAL LTD, NIGERIA, AFRICA:UNCTAD/EMPRETEC ENTREPRENEURS MEMBER)

  • Kyle Clouse

    I guess two months is never too late for a congrats on the Inc 500.

  • kfrazier

    You're right Sheldon, fundraising is difficult. If someone comes to us with bad credit, lots of debt, and little collateral no bank is going to fund them. How do we help them? First we perform our LenderReady Analysis for $99( We audit their business the way lending underwriters do and tell them:

    -how their business ranks from a risk evaluation standpoint
    -what categories, reports, and data sets the bank will analyze
    -how much funding they currently qualify for
    -how to improve their risk profile
    -how much funding their business will qualify for after they make the recommended changes

    Obviously, this process is quick & easy for some, but long and difficult for others. From this point we offer additional services to put them in a position where they're likely to get funded by the lenders we match them with.

    We've had great success getting our clients all the way to a successful round of funding. Last month we helped our clients obtain over $4M in funding (that we know of, not all our clients report back when they've been funded).

    Additionally, we hold free fundraising events across the country ( and anyone can join our FundingUniverse network (free) and post their business plan to our investors (also free)

  • sheldon

    So OK, you guys are increasing your revenues at a record rate. That is a good thing. Congratulations! But, are any of the companies you "serve" getting funded? Or are you merely playing on the desparate need of entrepreneurs for funding? If so, it is a cruel game... profitable, but cruel. Feeding on the needy, with the ever elusive carrot of getting funding.

  • Congrats, guys.

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