June 1, 2007

World Entrepreneur of the Year Contest

Have you heard of the World Entrepreneur of the Year Contest? After questioning allĀ  of the FundingUniverse departments, I realized I was the only person in the FundingUniverse who did not know about this incredible contest.

The contest, organized by the prestigious accounting firm of Ernst and Young, is similar to the State and National Entrepreneur of the Year awards, but obviously on a much larger scale. The 2007 World Entrepreneur will be announced on June 2, 2007 in Monte Carlo, Monaco.

May 30, 2007

Entrepreneur Game From Disney and Kauffman Foundation

My FundingUniverse colleague, Josh Bruni, sent me a link to Hot Shot Business. It is a sweet game created by Disney and the Kauffman Foundation. Hot Shot Business is an interactive game that teaches entrepreneurial skills to children. Props to Disney and the Kauffman foundation for teaching the value and excitement of entrepreneurship early on. Executives at Disney and the Kauffman Foundation obviously understand they are influencing the next generation of entrepreneurs. Way to go!

May 25, 2007

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