May 5, 2010

CupAd wins Utah SpeedPitch

CupAd puts your brand in people’s hands – providing free coffee cups to coffee stands by selling ad-space on the cups.

They won $5,700 of services from our sponsors.

  • NOWAdvisors: 12 hours of financial & accounting services = $1,800 value
  • FundingUniverse: startup services = $2,500 value
  • Amazon: web services = $500 value
  • CLI: legal services = $1,000 value

February 9, 2010

Chef Shamy Gourmet Wins Utah SpeedPitch!

Last week FundingUniverse held one of our famous SpeedPitch Events in Utah.  We brought a lot of great up-and-coming entrepreneurs together to pitch their big ideas to some of Utah’s most active investors.  One company that seemed to catch the investors’ attention was Chef Shamy Gourmet Foods.  They won the SpeedPitch Event – and over $8,000 in services from our sponsors, NOWadvisors, Qqest, CLI, and of course FundingUniverse!


Here’s a little about the Company:

  • THE GREAT TASE OF EATING FRESH! DFS Gourmet Food Sells brands under the Chef Shamy Gourmet Label.
  • The company started in January 2008 with the goal of bringing better tasting products to market without all the preservatives, binders, fillers and chemicals.
  • The concept was to help the at-home cook create gourmet-tasting meals at home in minutes without all the time and fuss.  Another goal was to encourage consumers to make healthy meals at home by eating fresh foods rather than out of a box. Our products bring out the great flavors in fresh produce, meats, and bakery goods.
  • We have introduced a whole new way to season and cook your meats and vegetables with the introduction of “Sauté Butters” and “Veggie Butters.” These new products, with their secret recipes of herbs and spices infused into the butters, make meal preparation a snap. We have also included some old favorites like Garlic Butter and Honey Butters. The big difference from other products like them on the market is that Chef Shamy Butters are made from just real butter & honey, while other products contain water, hydrogenated oils, and preservatives. It makes a big difference in the taste and provides a healthier product for the consumer. For us it is really “all about the taste.” We take great care with each new product that comes off the line to assure quality and satisfaction-guaranteed taste.
  • The big win with consumers in 2010 is that “less is more” when you look at the ingredient panels. Our all-natural products fit that bill to a tee.

Here’s What They Had to Say About the SpeedPitch Event

“The FundingUniverse event gave us the opportunity to show investors the win/win concept for them as well as the opportunity we are creating for two new profit centers for retailers in grocery stores, which is the key to delivering to the consumers. We are most proud to be able to say we are helping to bring a healthier living standard to home cooking with great taste.

The next steps are acquiring the needed funds to handle the growth that we have been having with 300 plus stores coming on board each and every month.”

Congratulations to Chef Shamy Gourmet and we look forward to similar upcoming events in Phoenix, Baltimore, and again in Utah.  Check for details!

December 29, 2009

Utah SpeedPitch Event Testimonials

Earlier this month FundingUniverse held another SpeedPitch Event in Utah.  It was a huge success and we wanted to share with you some of the thoughts of those who participated:

Brett Moore from Obsidian, Inc. said the event was

“Very challenging yet (an) efficient use of time” and a “great opportunity to present all the essential and compelling arguments to potential investors”

Leah Higginbotham from HugaMonkey Baby Carriers, who was a first timer pitching at the event, said that

“Going from being nervous wrecks in round 1 to total pros by round 10 was a good feeling.  If we weren’t confident when it started, we certainly were when it ended.  If anything, the speed pitch event helped us get a new perspective on what is good about our company, and what still needs work.”

Steve Arntz from LucidChart said

“The amount of exposure was amazing.  There are very few opportunities like it, since you are able to get in front of more than 40 investors representing a wide variety of investment groups. We met several contacts that we have had additional discussions with and there is a strong potential that we will receive funding as a direct result of the competition. We met people with industry connections who could help us to get in doors that may never have been open to us before the event.”

“The event provided us with valuable investor feedback from everyone who participated and gave us a good idea of the key things we need to work on to take the business to the next level. We established connections at the event which will prove to be invaluable in the development of our business.”

“There were some solid businesses represented and it was a great opportunity to meet other business owners.  The food and the prizes were fabulous and the event was well executed.  Most of all, we had the opportunity to meet dozens of investors and really hone our strategy and business plan.  We built relationships with several investors who we’ve since discussed the investment opportunity more seriously with.  In the coming weeks we expect to include these investors in our advisory and funding process.  Thanks FundingUniverse!”

Charlie Schadewald from Fluid Solutions, LLC said of his experience

“The FundingUniverse SpeedPitch event was an excellent validation for my business. Preparing a compelling 4 minute pitch to WOW investors is an exercise that every business should go through. The feedback and Ideas that I received from the Angel peer groups was worth more than ANY funding dollar amount. The room full of energy created from the thinkers and skeptics at a SpeedPitch event should be bottled and sold….now there’s an idea! If you think you have a great idea, don’t hold it in…tell everyone you know….and especially call Funding Universe!”

Thanks to all who participated in this event!  Look out for these up-and-coming companies as they continue in the funding process and grow their businesses.

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