Altadis S.A. History

Eloy Gonzalo, 10
28010 Madrid

Telephone: 34 91 360 90 00
Fax: 34 91 360 91 00

Public Company
Incorporated:1926 as Service d'exploitation industrielle des tabacs and 1945 as Tabacalera Sociedad Anónima, Compañía Gestora del Monopolio de Tabacos y Servicios Anejos
Employees: 21,786
Sales:£6.68 billion (2003)
Stock Exchanges:Madrid Paris
Ticker Symbol:ALT
NAIC:312221 Cigarette Manufacturing; 312229 Other Tobacco Product Manufacturing; 424940 Tobacco and Tobacco Product Merchant Wholesalers

Company Perspectives:

With 20,000 employees and activities in nearly 35 countries, Altadis is a multicultural, internationally-orientated Group, generating more than a third of sales from foreign markets. Underpinned by a solid financial position, Altadis is pursuing a growth strategy based on acquisitions and international expansion in order to reinforce its leadership position and create value for its shareholders and employees.

Key Dates:

Estanco de Tabaco, the Spanish royal monopoly on tobacco, is established.
The French tobacco industry is nationalized by Louis XIV.
The French national tobacco monopoly is abolished during the Revolution.
The French state tobacco monopoly is re-established by Napoleon.
The cigarette is invented.
Management of the Spanish state tobacco monopoly is leased to Arrendataria de Tabacos.
Service d'Exploitation industrielle des tabacs (SEIT) is established as the government tobacco monopoly in France.
Production of matches (alumettes) is added to the French tobacco monopoly, which is renamed SEITA
Tabacalera, Sociedad Anonima, Compañia Gestora del Monopolio de Tabacos y Servicios Anejos is formed, and the Spanish government assumes control of the tobacco monopoly again.
SEITA's status is adjusted to that of a state-owned industrial/commercial concern.
The European Economic Community (EEC) eases import strictures on cigarettes and other products among member states.
SEITA employees are no longer considered civil servants.
SEITA is given monopoly over tobacco distribution in France.
SEITA loses monopoly on tobacco cultivation in France.
Foreign cigarette brands are given free access to French market.
SEITA loses monopoly on import of EEC-produced matches.
SEITA loses monopoly on tobacco importation and distribution; warning labels are required on French cigarette packs; cigarette advertising is banned in France.
Tabacalera is partially privatized when Spain joins the EEC. The company diversifies into food products.
Nearly all forms of tobacco advertising are banned in Spain.
After diversifying too quickly, Tabacalera divests most of its food brands; by 1996 the company divests all of its non-tobacco, non-distribution operations.
Tabacalera buys General Cigar Company.
SEITA, renamed Seita, is privatized.
Seita and Tabacalera merge to form Altadis; the company buys a controlling stake in the Cuban cigar monopoly Corporación Habanos and becomes the world leader in cigar production.
Altadis purchases 80 percent control of the Moroccan state tobacco monopoly.
Altadis acquires Etinera, the former logistics division of the onetime Italian state tobacco monopoly.

Company History:

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